Classmate Conversation

This week I met Nancy Tran, who is a second year health care admin major at CSULB, she is striving to become a nurse but thinks this school is way to impacted. she is originally from alhambra but rents an apartment closer to school with 2 roommates who also happen to be her best friends. loves sushi, and speaks highly of Sake To Me restaurant as this place satisfies her taste buds the best. when asked what she thought was weird about her she couldn’t think of anything but talking to her a bit more reviled that she doesn’t have a car, i think thats weird but she says she saves a lot of money by taking public transport and has a great support system when she has to go anywhere. although she doesn’t have a car she has struggled hard to get an internship at Saint Mary’s which Isn’t close by the way, and she is almost hired, as she has only one more step remaining in the selection process. Finally she told me she is definitely artistically challenged but loves the class due to its exposure into the different forms of art.


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