Danielle Garcia

Danielle Garcia is a really cool girl that i got to know this week. Instead of finding the usual ” how old she is and what she’s taking here at CSULB” i asked a few weird questions, and by weird i mean not the usual. Danielle works at disney land, in retail ( so all those who want free tickets friend this girl lol). her pet peeve is not putting things back in to the place they were. She lives in long beach her whole life, and wants to become an EMT which is uber cool. She is a vegetarian for 5 and a half years and loves it. she has a fear that if she went back to eating meat that her body would repulse against her which is slightly funny. she loves raves and her friends think she is rave crazy, she continues to say that she has been to all the raves out there. okay now for the really weird stuff, so she make weird noises to he bf and he reciprocates the same. finally she wants to go to japan and Bahamas and she wants to go the walt disney in florida.


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