The Photo Walk

I decided to go with Maddy Braverman for our photo walk this week.We started of at the “birds nest” which is metal art that is located right in front of the MAC building (also called the teachers building), usually there is water that surrounds this art but the school seemed to have drained it due to repairs or maintenance(the picture really doesn’t look good with out the water so I took a picture as a tourist would straight and square). Our group then proceeded to the CSULB sculpted plants right in front of the school by the entrance on 7th street, it seemed really cool to experience it up close rather then from inside a car window(the picture was taken at eye level as the perspective of the shot wouldn’t change too much at various angles). The next location was going to be the Japanese garden and we all were dreading the walk, so we took a shuttle! I know that defeated the whole “photo WALK” but hey we walked the rest of the way. After a nice air-conditioned shuttle ride we were dropped of right next to the garden. As one enters the garden, you almost feel like there is a true surrounding of bliss, and by bliss I mean people, cause this place was packed! You never really speculate that the garden will be packed but I guess I can see why(the picture of the rocks give a great view at a lower pov and puts into perspective the beauty of the garden) we proceeded to walk around the garden and I actually stumbled upon a place in the garden that I had over look on my previous visits the sand garden(the picture was taken from an angle that look down onto the sand as this captured the entire essence that is put off by it) finally after taking a few more pictures we walked to the pyramid (the pyramid shot where the pyramid looks like its running flat gives the picture a cool angled look). And finally after a brief group photo we decided that we were done for the day. I think over all I was looking for perspective in my photographs and by the way they came out I think I captured that. I had a blast and our guide was great, she managed to save us a 20 minute walk by getting us a shuttle.


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