A talk with Drew


This week I had the pleasure of talking with Andrew Hana, Andrew is a pretty cool guy he grew up in Long Beach and went to Wilson high school one of the schools that my cousins are attending at the moment so we have that in common which is pretty cool. He’s a 5th year construction engineering major and went through the whole cycle of changing majors a bunch of times, he’s been through the nursing major as well as the business major and realize that he loved design and that is why he stuck to engineering management. His favorite food  sushi and he likes the color red and when I asked him what’s something weird that he does or thinks he does he responded with he doesn’t text first which I got to say is kind of weird. He is a big time basketball fan and loves to play on his off time. This past summer he visited Europe and I attended a study abroad program he says it was some of his best moments of his life and would give anything to do it again he hopes to graduate next year and is taking for engineering classes along with one art class and a Business law class he currently works at a tobacco shop on PCH and Lawrence and in five years he can see himself working California and living in Newport Beach. It was a pleasure to talk to him and I look forward to spending the rest the semester in this class along with all the other friends that I’ve met Including Andrew.


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