The man of wood and art.

This week the artist that I interviewed has been working on woodwork for about 20 years with his parents both in aerospace he had a unlimited supply of working material as well as tools at his disposal. He was highly inspired by San Louf and works closely with his associates at the community college he teaches at to keep his passion in life. His name is Micheal Vanoverbeck, and believe it or not he first started out by building a drawer for a lady that lived in an apartment complex that had originally asked him if he knew anybody that could build a drawer for her. After that his passion took off and he started building complex pieces the first of which was a chessboard that he built over 20 years ago. He was born in Lawrence Memorial the same place that his father and mother were born and grew up in Gardena he also works at El Camino College and is a woodworking teacher they’re and has been There since 94 early in his days he used to make wood projects just to pay off college tuition and worked on smaller things such as bathrooms and kitchens. Finally I asked Michael what his favorite piece of artwork was after a long pause he said he doesn’t like building Wood projects just for the fact of building them, he likes building projects that can help people change the way they live and for that fact alone his favorite woodworking piece he said would be the bookcase that he created for a children’s bookstore. I really enjoyed talking to Michael and enjoyed his woodwork I look forward to maybe seeing more wood art in the future and wish Michael all the best. PS I asked him if he had any social media that I could look him up on and he said he didn’t have any.


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