Conversations amidst Art

This weekend i had a conversation with Gina householder, who is a second-year pre film major some of her favorite hobbies or reading in going to the beach. Gina has three dogs one of which is a German Shepherd and she likes them very much. Asked you know what her favorite food was and immediately she jumped to pizza and ice cream but it should be quite honest isn’t that bad at all. She was born in Westminster and was raised there too, she hasn’t been traveling that much in hopes to maybe accomplish this sooner or later after she graduates the two places that Gina has been though is Nevada and Hawaii if She says she load Hawaii very much. Gina cannot stop talking about how she loved her dogs and honestly if I had that many Id probably want to be with them all the time to. Gina says she’s probably does not have anything that’s weird about her but then again she says she could she could just be weird altogether. Lot of her friends call heard the dog lady because of her obsession with her dogs so I guess that’s part of her weird side. And lastly I asked what was something tragic that’s happened in her last year and she said that the worst that happened was that she got into a minor car collision right in the parking at Cal State Long Beach , as this was the first year that she had started driving it was probably one of her most terrifying collisions. Overall Gina is really cool and I looked to spending the rest of the semester getting to know her better in this art class.


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