Its Moving!

This exercise was a complete blast, and i call it an exercise because after about 5 minutes of holding a pencil without any support you tend to feel it in the arms. so i did this piece with my sister as part of our weekly bonding, because i barely get to see her during the week as we go to different schools and have really busy with work and school schedules. So I didn’t have any kind of paper that was bigger then a 8.5 x 11 so what I did was I joined four pieces of paper with tape so close that you can barely see the seems after which I grabbed the pencil and my sister and got to work. A few pictures that are seen above illustrate me explaining what exactly to do and how to hold a pencil and whatnot. I’ll say nothing happen for the first three minutes I was holding the pencil after which it Slowly started to move, it’s strange to think that without us intentionally moving this pencil it moves on its own. I kid you not when i say this but as soon as it started to move my sister screamed its moving! My interpretation of what the outcome was I would say closely relates to a heartbeat which tended to go from the left to the right and so on. This art was really fun and I think I even heard my mom says she’s going to Frame it. PS my mom tends to joke a lot.


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