The words of an artist

Artist: Bri Joy

Gallery: Gatov Gallery

Instagram: BRI. JOY

Medium: BFK paper, ink.

Conversation: first off Bree Joy is a really cool artist some of her work seen above was inspired by her past and present and describes her roots as in where she came from the community within the value of bonds and relationship she’s had. Bree thinks of her work as organic, Abstract, something that’s found in its natural setting, Digitalized lines that represent technology and industry in today’s day. Bree says she could not find paper that was big enough for her expression and had to construct her own print board large enough for her prints, she says by doing this she had to push herself and exclaims that she is never seen anyone do prints this large she had to buy clamps to screw in humble or board. Along with that she also had to order large paper to create her artwork. her work she says is figurative art that incorporates figures and manipulates blinds that are smooth jagged fine and intimate she says she tries to incorporate variety without creating too much of a barrier between the weight moves she likes the color that she uses with her prints which if you haven’t noticed stays the same throughout an is just one color she says the fact that she uses one color creates conversation and creates a value also in effect giving the seamless aspect of art.


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