Lainie Le

Lainie le is an undergraduate who is undeclared but is thinking about Business. She’s out there Kelsey Long Beach was a big transition from high school as she is a current freshman. She just got her license and she is scared of driving the freeway. Some of her favorite things to do when she has time off or when she has time in general is go to sleep or watch YouTube. she doesn’t work currently looking at the way that people work these days she says that she is scared to work. Lainie has a really cool mix, she is half Vietnamese and half Cambodian she was born and raised right here in California. Her dad was the Vietnamese and her mom who is Cambodian was sent to have been stuck in a concentration camp which I thought was interesting. She wants to visit the islands of Hawaii and She loves this place and has been there once or twice before. She’s thinking of getting into the medical field as well and is currently taking a couple different classes to figure out where she wants to go. When I asked her what something weird about her she said that she has a birthmark on her right leg that people usually think is a burn or something and she got after she was born. And lastly some of her favorite foods or chipotle and pizza. It was a great pleasure meeting Lainie and I hope to spend the rest of the semester getting to know her better.


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