William Brigham

This artist is one of those artists that started his art based of something that looked like fun. He works primarily with Damascus steel and says that even though it’s hard work he ends up liking the results and customers that repurchase only ensure that his skills with Damascus steel are you near perfection. He says he’s one of the youngest artists just send work To Japan for presentation where everyone else is 50 years or older. He says he started taking classes at OCC and was part of the welding department. He says that a lot of the teachers out there are good people and inspire greatness. He primarily makes kitchen knives that he sells only through word-of-mouth and is currently in the process of making a website. Altho Damascus steel is what he likes working with he also says it’s one of the toughest Materials to work with as is it is very time consuming. He says that he has to make plates of metal and make sure that he gets them cleaned out to a point where there isn’t any surface depressions because gearing compression of these multiple layers of metal any depression in a single plate can cause a Space in the end product. He explained that he loses somewhere about 30% of his material because of the work that he does. It was a lot of fun talking to this artist because I feel like he is one of us and inspires us to be a lot like he is to the art that he produces.


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