An Instagram World

This is a Great example of the saying “a drop of water make an ocean”. To view all the Instagram posts on the page was like seeing how the ocean was made and in this context how Instagram is what it is today. This collaboration of the entire class with the simple use of a # is quite impressive if you ask me. The assignment was a bit demanding as putting up 4 posts in a single day is not the norm, more like 1 every few days or so. Never the less it was a lot of fun, the posts that were made were similar yet different in the sense that a lot of the people took photos in the immediate area that is the school but all of the photos brought a new aspect to the school, some were different angles of the school and some were just places i had not seen all together. The pictures that i posted showcased  what i thought were the highlights of my day which included the art show, driving the 405 to the coast, the beach that i fished at and beautiful sunset.



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