Daniella galino

Daniella is a 20 year old who lives in downey. she was born and raised in California and her parents are Puerto rican and Mexican, which is a pretty cool mix if you ask me. she is a criminal justice major in her second year and loves long beach state. One crucial thing that she did that i missed out on at school is that she actually stayed at the dorms her first year, which she loved off coarse but moving back in with her parents was kind of on the hard side because the time apart created a sort of independent structure that ones parents obviously think you don’t have. a really cool thing that i ended up finding out is that she lived in Mexico for 5 years from the age of 2 to 7 and she says she loved it. she loves to dirt bike and she just bought her own 450 yamaha. Some of here fav foods are buffalo wings atomic cause she loves spice and boiling crab which i figured out after i told here i liked it and her face had a huge smile. all in all it was great talking to her and i think we are going to have some boiling crab sometime soon.


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