Helen Werner Cox

Helen Werner Cox has a Masters in fine arts and this is part of her pieces that she’s been working on. The work inside the shore and took her one year and three months that she’s been working on it and she says she loves it thoroughly. Most of her paintings are chemically treated before the paint layer goes on as her Canvas is slightly different and consists of a different paper after being chemically treated she goes over with the oil paints and finally follows up with pastels she was an art teacher for 14 years and he loves to read, Elizabeth George is one of her favorite writers at the moment. When asked to describe her paintings she said that her pain takes have a strong focus on drawing, technical and futuristic lines and structures that disintegrate to chaos, the color contrast to she uses arm warm and cool colors to convey her point. Personally I could definitely tell that there was energy and structure in her lines and a great story behind it as well. The picture with the carousel horses that look like they are in a blue doom I thought was an interpretation of a life that was going in circles and not really going anywhere. Talking with Helen she actually told me that that is very similar to what she was trying to portray, she said that she is trying to portray Life in general and in particular humans and their mistakes where we are like carousels and keep making the same mistakes over and over without taking anything away from it. A Little bit about Helen’s past, her father was a minister and when I asked her how she started trying she said she’s always had crayons or colored pencils that she’s been trying with ever since she was a little baby and her mom to this day still has some of the drawings that she did as little baby. She started to take art seriously at the age of 18 when she attended a art school for three years after which she took leave for year of which none of her peers or teachers recommended but after she got back she majored in art education and talk for 14 years bringing her up to today where she is in a masters program for fine arts and is selling individually as well as trying to get known globally.


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