Turning more then just pages.

This weeks art experience was weird, I would put it differently but you’d have to experience it. We had the task of going to the library at California State University Long Beach and utilizing space, utilizing objects, and imagining how to document it all, after which we would go to the bookstore at CSU LB and do the same. My thoughts on this were plain and simple we’re going to walk in, get made fun of, and walk out embarrassed. I was pleasantly surprised, the fact that we read children’s books in the simple waiting area gives the waiting area a different perspective, you learn to look at something from a different view so to speak. I got admit I wasn’t really looking or reading the book that I was holding more so looking around looking at how people are reacting to us, looking at how we were reacting, it’s not every day that we get to sit down with a children’s book and pass the time. The book store was a different perspective, see libraries are made to be quiet, the place where you can have your own little bubble, the book store change is that a little bit, and I tell you this because I felt different in the book store, I felt like, I wasn’t putting myself to my full use, Lost so to speak. I got a better idea of Marta’s points when it came to utilization of resources that affected our daily technology as well as cultural changes within our System. In all honesty i truly enjoyed my experience as i don’t get to do these things every day.


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