Fun with geocaching

This week’s our project was quite awesome if you ask me I like to because of the fact that it included going out there in searching for other people’s stuff or at least that’s what it felt like. So I decided to take my friends to go along for the ride did never heard of what geocaching had meant before this day. I decided to take my coworker Dominic and his wife Erica with me, I was having a benefit issue with getting coordinates to the initial spot but after I figured out the system we notice that there were quite a few around us we went to one that was close to Westminster and was under plenty of sunlight so it was easy to spot. Located under a tree or Bush the geocache had a pack of five gum, hairbrush, mirror, Chapstick, Vaseline, sweet and low. Now this seems a little weird at first, but when you think about it in the amount of people that have gone with it and I’m actually put their items in here you’re kind of chasing down history. If felt like I was tracking down wear a dollar bill had been in circulation. Overall I thought it was a great exercise it really gave us a reason to go out there and explore.

In the case of setting out a geocache , I found this really cool place but I’m not to give away too much because I never know who’s going to be on this site, and I want people to enjoy the true meaning of actually finding this thing I decided to set my geocache in a tick tack box yeah it’s a little small but that makes things even better. I decided to stick a couple pins in there that I thought would be interesting other people around the world. Located below our coordinates to where I found my first geocache and where I left one.


type latitude longitude
DD 33.687857639339114 -117.95287191867828
DMS N 33° 41′ 16.288” W 117° 57′ 10.338”


type latitude longitude
DD 33.86444910607497 -118.10036927461624
DMS N 33° 51′ 52.017” W 118° 6′ 1.329”

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