Tiffany Le

Tiffany Le, very cool artist that was presenting her artwork on this Thursday came from one of the largest Vietnamese communities in United States. She was very well worst in her cultural and Family history. She says her family fled Vietnam in April 1975 following the fall of Saigon. She says her art is an expression of many people that were called boat people from her land when they fled over to the US. represents the hardships that we’re taking by the people that wanted a better future. She’ll six claims that her arts “reflects the stories that the original generations did not choose to pass on”. Tiffany says the major peace that also work as a centerpiece for her represent the Lost ships and the unpredictable waters. The centerpiece Stone as CH I EC tau , this translates to boat in Vietnamese, most of her art that is on the walls also has a story to it most of it part of her own. Finally she explains that after multiple stories of multiple people as well as of her own family and background her exhibition represents a means of escape not only from the climate from the decisions or from the moments of despair but from her own demise as an offspring from a refugee, the arts helps her put into perspective as well as put older generations perspective out for everyone to see.


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