Nick Bamford

Nick Bamford is one of those artists that create art for interpretation for the mindset of “to each their own” his passion for art started in senior year high school with a ceramics class that he was taking. Attended Huntington Beach high school and followed it up with the art school here at Cal state Long Beach. He is in his last semester of his undergraduate career and is still trying to figure himself out he likes the challenge that art brings and says the art pieces that learn display this week were a perfect example of him working up to the challenge. All the artwork that was on display were made out of objects that were found at the Home Depot warehouse where he works. Most of the stuff is discarded materials that weren’t used by people. he likes to work with wood Metal and foam and it enjoys back lighting it with a black light. He says that the Spring is another dimension to art and steers away from the norm of wear black lights are used. He created all the work that was seen in the gallery in a matter of the week. All of his art seem to have a free-flowing nature to it but also had a certain hate towards animals. That has its own Instagram that he primarily operates out of nickbamf4d. He says that since she is still so brand-new into the art seen that he’s trying to figure out art that works with metaphors, this is only a his first show and only his second time displaying art in Long Beach. When asked who was his main inspiration, he was quick to reply Picasso but after pondering it for little bit said that people and objects inspire him. Finally I asked him what are some of the biggest things that he’s accomplished at Long Beach state, and he was excited to let me know that his senior show which started the beginning of his last semester was one of the biggest things he ever put on presentation.


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