The serenity of garden sketching

To this experiment or art practice I see a huge success. It’s great to know that with a little bit of practice anything can be. This weeks experiment was to go to the garden at Cal State Long Beach and draw whatever we could with a six image drawing and pictures limit. I definitely did not start out by I could draw anything and if you look closely at the pictures posted the first trying that I tried was in the ” zen garden” where they have sand and rock placed strategically, no I knew that mimicking this would be a hard task and getting the line straight would be tedious nevertheless I proceeded on the second picture that I drew what is the one that I love the most it is actually the picture of the steps going toward the upper Garden I spent quite a lot of time on this as I won to perfect what I’d learned on my first drawing. It was quite hard getting the angles first but I think with a neat sketch and shading a certain way I learned that there’s a lot of different things that you can do with just a pencil. I learned that shading things darker can make him pop out even better but shading things darker on an already dark background really creates a different illusion. Proceeding on to the final drawing I think that this one was good compared to all the others is I took whatever I learned from all the others and put it into this one. This one being the bridge and the River run underneath it. Are you really understand what abstract drawings meant but what I did was out of all the three drawings I created a abstract sketches to mimic those drawings. If you take a close look I have taken pictures of the different scenes that I’ve drawn and comparing them closely I think that to me I have accomplished the task at hand. All in all this was a Great project and I had loads of fun doing it.


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