A conversation with Chelsea blecha

Chelsea is really good with illustration art, this is something that she thinks that she’s good at as well that being said not many artists actually know what they wanted do who Right before graduating college. Chelsea suggests that her art is away to escape and includes people and places that also work really well to inspire her at her work. Commonly she flies to San Fran for most of her inspiration she loves the quick sketch. Over four years at California State Long Beach has taught her there’s definitely meaning behind every art piece and that she should convey that onto whatever Archie creates. How mom was an artist and has been the sole inspiration from when she was young, her dad did displays on Windows for Nordstrom and more solely responsible for the composition of the art that was presented to thousands of customers. She plans on freelancing right after she graduates I She thinks that San Francisco is the best place for her to start her inspiration and more work. She’s just now trying to figure out her style it is getting comfortable with what she’s putting out a lot of it at first it was unexpected most of her work takes her a week to semester to complete some of the bigger stuff has taken her the entire semester. She definitely sells her arts online. Her website that she currently sells on is Chelseablecha.com.


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